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An Analog/Digital Philosophical Repository

Corry Shores emails me a link to a wonderful directory for the philosophical dicussion of the Analog/Digital distinction, with a particular Deleuzian flavor.


He also mentions that this weekend he is set to begin a project concerning Analog and Digital consciousness, and has just recently posted an abridged copy of his paper:

Posthumanism and Pixels, Condensed Version

As I told to him, and to others below, my interest in the Analog/Digital distinction was primarily in concern over Hoffmeyer’s biosemiotic use of the two in his life-defining concept of Code Duality, something I have found problematic (a criticism I have not written yet).

I look forward to Corry’s work. It sounds exciting. There is from Corry even the suggestion that his project may find some correspondence points to my research on Spinoza and optics, which would be intriguing.

5 responses to “An Analog/Digital Philosophical Repository

  1. Mark Crosby July 9, 2009 at 1:16 am

    Thanks for the trisonomic raid of PIRATES & REVOLUTIONARIES, Kevin (you close off one link and open up another 😉 Corry’s direct attention of the post-humanist forms of eliminative materialism, and some of the singularities these would cut into the continuum, exhume debates among transhumanists from 10 years ago. Nietzsche’s attention-deficit children (too close to US Libertarianism – I still get robotic rally invites after all these years 😉 and issues raised in Braver’s Nietzsche chapter vs Toscano’s abduction of Nietzsche here in “Raving with Reason: Immanence and Fanaticism in Kant”..

    these attempt to open are perfectly adapted to the non-Continental background from which I erupt with Toltec thymos (yeah, right, rather, I’m a sucker for Sloterdijk’s relaxation?

    • kvond July 9, 2009 at 3:15 am


      I love your comment – but I feel like I’m listening to a classic rap sampling remix of posthumous Tupac with all the reference floating through…makes my head spin, in a good way.

      Just what were the transhumanist debates from 10 years ago?

      And just what is the non-Continental background that proves your Urspring?

      As for lopping off one link, sometimes thought patterns get a little tired, especially when they keep telling everyone how non-tired they are. I think there is a scratch in the LP and the needle is stuck.

    • kvond July 9, 2009 at 3:18 am

      p.s. I really like the work that Corry Shores is doing (not sure where its going though yet), especially they systematic, cross-referenced way he organized his resources and summations. I wish everyone in the philosophical interenet (as well as myself) could think and inter-link like this.

  2. Mark Crosby July 9, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    Sorry, was near dozing off and the needle skipped a bit!

    Yes, unlike most blogs, PIRATES & REVOLUTIONARIES reads like a one-man scholarly journal (even while being a Clifford Duffy fan !)

    I started exploring philosophy from a systems science perspective (and then only with what was available online). I was heavily into the AI, artificial-life, and CogSci + Consciousness Studies issues for a while — but that was years ago and it’s nice to see Corry re-visting of these issues, especially from a Deleuzian perspective.

    I meant that Transhumanists have been suggesting for years that a Singularity was just around the corner where human minds could be uploaded to computers. While I thought this would be great, it seemed to me that brain-in-a-vat approaches would never work. In my haphazard, amateurish way I partially used the analog / digital distinction to argue that ‘simply’ scanning the neural connections of a cryonically-preserved brain would never be able to reproduce the mind of that person. Corry’s recent amazing article “Do Posthumanists Dream of Pixilated Sheep? Bostrom and Sandberg’s Brain Emulation, Examined and Critiqued” really brought a lot of this back for me. Even though Bostrom and Sandberg’s report is rather recent, it still promotes the old tropes from years ago – and Corry does the best job of debunking them that I’ve ever seen… Mark

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