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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Mark Taylor Attempts to Take Down

I post this here for traffic because this seems like a worthy topic for the internet few to read. It seems that the Napster of academic presses has been forced to change its practices by a former music industry publishing advisor to Macmillan.

Read the related articles at blog: Macmillan and Mark Taylor take down

Thanks Matt for the clarification.

Mitochondrial Vertigo: The New Blog

A few have expressed that they welcome a different incarnation of my blogging, so we we’ve begun a little experiment which is called Mitochondrial Vertigo. This blog for now is closed, but you are welcome to visit my new experiment. If any of the past posts do interest you feel free to comment and I’ll try to respond if I can.

Amazing, Surreal Film of the Thai Protest Conflict

So much is shown and said about Thailand here. Real. Beautiful. And this reporter is wonderfully real as well. Back from Thailand, and this blog is still closed, but I could not help but post this bit of political/social film.