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The Optica Promota, by James Gregory (1663)

A valuable Spinoza resource: we have an on-line photocopy edition of the 1663 work Optica Promota by James Gregory, an edition found in Spinoza’s library of books. One can see the imprint that Spinoza likely looked at. This copy is found here.

Not only this, Ian Bruce has supplied us with a marvelous English translation and Latin transcript, with explanatory notes, found here in PDF parts.

This is a signficant text, as I believe that Spinoza is arguing with Gregory’s propositions and diagrams in mind in his March 1667 letters 39 and 40 to Jelles, as he makes his objections to Descartes, and perhaps also in his June 1666 letter 36 to Hudde, showing that he had studied this volume at least by this point in time.