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A Possible Influence of Diamond Polishing on Assited Lens-grinding


Was the horizontal grinding wheel, and the leaded-head a definitive influence upon the automatic conceptions of lens-grinding machines? Below are posted two notable examples of automatic designs, by Hooke and Hevelius, and the essential diamond-polishing design:

Hooke, first plate Micrographia (1665)

 Hooke, first plate Micrographia (1665)


Hevelius, Machina Coelestis, after page 433 (1673)
Jan Luyken, copper engraving of a diamond polisher (1690)
A diamond polisher, late 19th century
We do not have a date earlier than 1690 for the leaded-head design of diamond polishing. Whether this is a product of the the newly imported cuts (rose and Mazarin) during that century, or if the leaded-head was already natural to the design, I do not know. This juxtaposition of illustrations is just to open up the question of influence from jeweler’s wheel to lens-grinding conceptions.
What this has to do with Spinoza is that it poses the question as to the technical milieu in which Spinoza may have learned his craft, and the possible reasons for Spinoza’s resistance to assisted or automated lens-grinding machines. If diamond polishing formed any part of Spinoza’s introduction to lens-grinding, then the relationshp between the techniques of the one to the other many inform our understanding of Spinoza’s thinking.