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Glazemaker’s translation of Descartes’ La Dioptrique (1659)

Being blind to Dutch, Stan Verdult over at, was so kind to point out that of the listings of Glazemaker’s translations below, one of them is of the germane La Dioptrique, by Descartes. This is published two years before Spinoza left Amsterdam, 1659, by Timon Houbaak, (if I read correctly).

The significance of this is that this is likely the text that Spinoza (and Jelles) would know and have some reference to as to the questions of letters 39 and 40. It shows an abject familiarity with Descartes’ optical theories by Glazemaker, who as part of the Rieuwertsz/Van den Enden circle would have brought them to bear. In terms of timing and content, there is a useful co-incidence of Glazemaker’s potential glass knowledge and Spinoza’s lens-grinding and Descartes’ La Dioptrique. Here is the link to the book: Descartes, Proeven der wijsbegeerte (1659). We have not established a strong Glazemaker and Spinoza connection at this point, but there is at least the suggestion.