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Flocks of Economic Richness

Cain Returns to Abel

As we hear, now in this time of economic shift and “crisis”, that our economy of the West is no longer a manufacture’s economy, but rather an “information” economy, or a “service” economy, it comes to the fore that the place America and its homologous European West has taken in the world economy is of one huge Affect Pool: that is the highly structured (polyvalent) and affinity-ridden potentiality of feelings and experiences, for their own sake, a veritable living dream-factory, composed of bodily possibles.

It is an interesting shift. The First World regularly had been characterized as using the Third as its industrial base, its ever expanding source of cheaper and cheaper labor, a labor extracted through the restriction of human and civil rights, organized by brutal political forms, feeding “us” what is “needed”, something to churn the maelstrom of capital growth at its periphery. Perhaps there is something to this. But the ideology of freedom runs in tensioned parallel to the freedoms of economic, capitalized growth. And in worlds other than the so-called First, the problematic of newly constructed “consumer” cogitos ever tugs at these two strands. Thus as the collapse of speculations, and complex leveragings of debt – debt spread so thin so as to become hopefully like dew to evaporate each morning, only to rise into a unexpected weather-storm of force, to ripple in so many butterfly wing flaps, at a distance – we come to see that the affect-rich West, the West that dreams for its professoin, works at the service of emerging markets. Instead of First, Second and Third worlds, there are emerging markets which feed off of the Affect Pools of the West. And China invests Westward, upon its domesticated flocks.

The study of affect and imagination is perhaps most needed.