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The Emperor’s Clothes: Adieu/Badiou?

Been away for a day or so, and it seems that the flare-up over the effrontery  of not to be thrilled by Badiou apparently has died down, for whatever it is worth. Sewing the button I posted a comment  over at “Daily Humiliation,” attempting to second Ben’s affirmation of my characterization of a general dissatisfaction with the apparent recovery of the Truth at the hands of Badiou. Good to post it here as well…

Yes, elephant in the room, methinks. Perhaps this comes from a decided and articulate force of pro-Badiou expositors on the web, the ever-hovering threat that Set-Theory could descend upon you, like some kind of (n+1) dimensional philosophical object if you dared abstain from the enthusiasm, and the ever-present, softly Maoist reproach that you were merely reactionary (called Neo-liberal these days), not truly radical or nor thoughtfully caring enough, not loyal to the “name”/event of revolution, now called “Badiou”, if chills did not run at the sound of its name…all of this pushing the not-so-inspired-ones  silently into the relative corners of the handful of blogs we seem to imagine compose the “blogosphere” (more like a blogo-cul-de-sac). Someone finally mentioned, “Hey, he really isn’t that interesting or profound” and all those in the corners looked up and said “the others see the elephant in the room”. This is not, was not, a wave or a throng of hatred. It is merely a kind of shrugging off, with a sigh of a kind of relief.

I have read few writers not so much retract, but be careful to in addition to their criticism also stake-out a small piece of real estate in the Badiou revolutionary empire, who knows, there very well be a spike in the Communist Housing Market. For me though it is simply the fact that there are more interesting, more vital thinkers out there (both living and dead), as my francophile and social justice philosophical impulse remains as strong as ever. Its not that we disaffected ones begrudge the enthusiasm of others over their thinker of choice, as reserve the right to be less excited than they without having to incur the accusation of disloyalty, (or enmity), or even adolescence. Not all flight is Icarian. Not every maze Daedaled.

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