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Once upon a time, “…and the hippo was allergic to magic”

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Let this Child Tell You Her Tale…

Deleuze and Guattari’s Child

“their individuation […] proceeds not by subjectivity but by haecceity, pure haecceity. […] They are pure relations of speeds and slownesses, and nothing else” (Plateaus 271)

The girl is certainly not defined by virginity; she is defined by a relation of movement and rest, speed and slowness, by a combination of atoms, an emission of particles: haecceity. She never ceases to roam upon a body without organs. She is an abstract line, or a line of flight. Thus girls do not belong to an age group, sex, order, or kingdom: they slip in everywhere, between orders, acts, ages, sexes; they produce n molecular sexes on the line of flight in relation to the dualism machines they cross right through […] the girl is the becoming-woman of each sex, just as the child is the becoming-young of every age (Plateaus 277).

Who is to tell the story of a mutazione?
Is radical change necessarily the production of a fairytale?
And then, and then, and then…

There is something to narrative that defies theory. that makes distinctions coincide it seems, coincide and point and speak. Translating the child?

And then there is the danger of idealization. And then there is the danger of failing to idealize.

“they did not even take the train…and the witch did not agree at all”.

wet collodion glass plate negative (spring 1860), Dodgson
wet collodion glass plate negative (spring 1860), Dodgson


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