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The Number of Jewish Merchants in 17th Century Amsterdam

From Johanthan Israel’s Empires and Entrepots: The Dutch and the Spanish Monarchy and the Jews, 1585-1713:

The Number of Dutch Jewish Depositors with the Amsterdam Exchange Bank 1609-1674 (page 422)

One can see the post-1620 dip in investment which followed the renewal of the Spanish embargo on Dutch shipping to Spanish, Portuguese and Flemish ports. But to give a sense of the importance of merchantile buisness for a people debarred from guilded, retail buisness holdings, in 1620 the entire population of the Sephardic community in Amsterdam was a little over 1,000. This puts the number of depositors at approximently 10% of that population. And the Dutch Jewish population in Recife Brazil in the year 1644 was nearly 1,500, 150% of the Sephardic population of Amsterdam 25 years before.

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