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Franciscus van den Enden: Spinoza’s Latin Teacher

A website dedicated to the life and works of Spinoza’s Amsterdam teacher of Latin, no doubt he who introduced him to the plays of Seneca and Terence and many of a political circle. Filled with notable details, primary sources and histories. A thinker whose influence on Spinoza is yet calculable:

Franciscus van den Enden



3 responses to “Franciscus van den Enden: Spinoza’s Latin Teacher

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  2. Wim Klever July 8, 2008 at 2:52 am

    Indeed, I called Van den Enden the ‘genius’ behind Spinoza. And from year to year I am more and more convinced that I am right. In 2007 I privately published my translation in poor English of his magisterial treatise, in which he defended, as the first in Western history, direct democracy. Title: Franciscus van den Enden, ‘Free politicalpropositions and considerations of state’ (1665). Text in translation, the relevant biographical documents and a selection from ‘Kort Verhael’. Introduced, presented, translated and commented on by Wim Klever (Vrijstad 2007). This work of 213 pages may be ordered on my e-mail. The costs are 30 euro.

  3. kvond July 9, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    Professor Klever. Thank you very much for your comment on this, and your translation of Van den Enden’s works sounds intriguing.

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